Pre-Order Sets FAQ

We've moved to a pre-order system for all of our sets.  They go live for 24 hours with no ordering caps to enable as many people as possible to purchase.  The sets are then made to order.  The extra paint is then listed the following shop update for immediate purchase.  The easiest way to stay up on what we will be offering next is to sign up for our newsletter

Limited Edition Subscription FAQ

We're currently revamping the Limited Edition Subscription due to a need to change over our service.  The next set of Limited Edition colors will be released Nov. 1st.  Please check back later for more info!

Shipping FAQ

We ship using USPS and you have the choice of either priority within the US or first class with tracking.  You will receive an email with the tracking in it once your package has hit the mail system and is moving.  Please note that once a package is marked as delivered we are no longer responsible for it. This is especially true overseas where we cannot control foreign post and US post is basically helpless in these cases as well.  

We offer a "HOLD SHIPPING" option to allow you to combine orders.  Please note, if you check this shipping option we WILL NOT ship your package until you request it either in the notes section of your order or via email. If we mail in error, please let us know and we'll ship for free the next time around! 

General FAQs

  • All of my paints use a pigment content of 45% or more--the high pigment content will mean that the paints will work a little differently depending upon what is in them.  Its a good idea to test your watercolors first before using them in a piece so you're familiar with them. 
  • Shimmer paints don't always like to be photographed, I'd recommend checking out my shimmer videos to get a better feel of what they look like in the light. 
  • Because all of my watercolors are handmade in small batches, slight color variations can occur.  I use precise formulas and mulling times so that there is as much control and consistency as possible and to minimize color variations. 
  • Paints are priced based off of two things: 1. Cost of the pigment itself per gram and 2. The amount of labor involved in making them.  Some paints can take up to three hours to mull properly or have pigments that cost as much as 5$ for on 1/2 pan of paint!  In either of those cases the price reflects the cost of making the paint.
  • We update our shop bi-weekly.  There is a schedule on the site, but the finalized list always goes out in the newsletter which you can sign up for here.
  • Cloves and Honey use an all natural base and a high pigment content, as such cracking can occur.  Please don't panic!  There's nothing wrong with your paint; its a natural (pun intended!) side effect of NOT using artificial thinners and binders. 
  • Although my paints smell yummy and use an all natural organic base, please do not eat your paints!  Even naturally occurring pigments can be toxic if ingested. 
  • My paint is made using organic acacia honey from Savannah Bee Company.  If you really want to eat something delicious and non-toxic I highly recommend their honey.  I am not in anyway affiliated with Savannah Bee Company, I'm just a HUGE fan.