New Limited Edition Shimmers!

I'm happy to announce our new quarterly sets of limited edition colors!

Starting with the July 28th restock I will be offering my first set of limited edition colors.  I'm going to start with only 25 of these sets--if they sell and the demand is there I will up the numbers to 40 a quarter. Once they're gone, that's it!  I'll be carrying them through November, or when they run out, whichever comes first. They are a set of four, in a tin with a swatch card, a special limited edition label and the set will have a label number on the back so you'll know what number you've received.

This set I've titled "Incandescent" because all of the colors are shimmers that really show off the light.  This set also features one of my contest winners custom colors. Brei Griffin designed a gorgeous olive green with gold interference that she's titled "Buried Treasure." 

The colors in the set are:

  • Purple Rain: A deep burgundy purple with a vibrant blue shimmer.  
  • Golden Slumbers: A true yellow gold shimmer that would make Louis the XIV proud! 
  • Dr. Girlfriend: A hot pink, with a pearlized shimmer.  This is a toned done and shiny version of my submarine pink, named for my favorite villainess!  
  • Buried Treasure: This gorgeous olive green was designed by contest winner Brei Griffin and has a gold interference pop that lives up to its name.  

I selected these colors because they're contrasting colors and create a nice wide range of mixing possibilities. Take a look at some of the possible combinations:

This set also comes with magnets on the bottom standard, but you can request that they be left off if you prefer to put them in a larger tin.  


I hope you're as excited about my first volume of limited edition colors as I am!  They're wonderful on their own or mixed into any of my other traditional cloves & honey paints.  I can't wait to see what everyone creates with them! 

Happy Painting!


Bianca Dudeck-Mandity