New LE Set


Announcing the arrival of our next limited edition set!

Dear Cloves and Honey customers,
Hi there and welcome back! We’re so happy you’re here to find out more information about our next limited edition set. Strap on your booties and hunker down with some cocoa because here comes Winter’s Quiet.
Volume 2 of our limited edition sets is called Winter’s Quiet and it features four new colors. These colors are extra fancy, super expensive, and high-labor pigments, so we make them in limited quantities. We’ll only be making 50 sets this time around, so once they’re gone, they’re gone. (Dun dun duuuuun!)
There are two ways to get this limited edition set:
1. One-time purchase. The set will be available under the Sets tab.
2. Subscription. When you purchase via the subscription option, you sign up to receive a set of paints every four months. We’re testing out a new subscription platform via Stripe; it SHOULD send you a confirmation email at the four-month mark to remind you that you are about to be charged. (Please keep an eye on your account just in case! You can opt out any time.) As a bonus, subscription costs include shipping. If you purchase a subscription through the site, please select FREE SHIPPING when you check out.


Let’s get to the good stuff! The colors in Winter’s Quiet set are:

  • Art Bento Box Blue: A deep indigo with indanthrene blue for a rich hue. This color was designed in partnership with the folks at Art Bento Box, an art supply (and more) subscription service. Check them out!

  • Capricorn Rising: Designed by contest winner Kia Givehands, this garnet color is made with REAL garnets and is a deep red with just a hint of shimmer. Saucy!

  • Rabbit in a Snowstorm: A white pearl shimmer that is perfect for painting igloos in a blizzard, abominable snowpeople wearing ivory cardigans, or 2% milk in a porcelain bowl. It’s white. It’s pearly. It shimmers. Go nuts!

  • Frau Hulda: Named for the Germanic protector of women’s crafts (Jawohl!), this color is a rich evergreen that harkens to winter festivities and warm nights by the fire. Hulda’s festivals were traditionally held mid-winter and she was associated with the color of evergreens and mistletoe.

  Some of the mixing possibilities made with Winter's Quiet.

Some of the mixing possibilities made with Winter's Quiet.

We’ve also got All That Glitters available for sale. The set features Starry Starry Night, Vintage Silver and Pink Nebula. We’re also including a fourth color, Mermaid’s Tail, in the set. Stay tuned because we'll be revamping our teal/green sets going forward!  

That’s about it for us this time around. Thank you so much for buying our paints and making Cloves and Honey such a success from the start. We made 85 sets of paint for our last set of orders -- that’s 340 pans of paint!! All together now: Holy crap!

One final note: Volume 3 will be released in February. Think Valentine’s Day (but NOT just red and pink)!
Thanks again and happy shopping,
The Cloves and Honey Team


Bianca Dudeck-Mandity