New LE Set

Announcing the arrival of our next limited edition set!

Dear Cloves and Honey customers,
Hi there and welcome back! We’re so happy you’re here to find out more information about our next limited edition set. Strap on your booties and hunker down with some cocoa because here comes Winter’s Quiet.
Volume 2 of our limited edition sets is called Winter’s Quiet and it features four new colors. These colors are extra fancy, super expensive, and high-labor pigments, so we make them in limited quantities. We’ll only be making 50 sets this time around, so once they’re gone, they’re gone. (Dun dun duuuuun!)
There are two ways to get this limited edition set:
1. One-time purchase. The set will be available under the Sets tab.
2. Subscription. When you purchase via the subscription option, you sign up to receive a set of paints every four months. We’re testing out a new subscription platform via Stripe; it SHOULD send you a confirmation email at the four-month mark to remind you that you are about to be charged. (Please keep an eye on your account just in case! You can opt out any time.) As a bonus, subscription costs include shipping. If you purchase a subscription through the site, please select FREE SHIPPING when you check out.


Let’s get to the good stuff! The colors in Winter’s Quiet set are:

  • Art Bento Box Blue: A deep indigo with indanthrene blue for a rich hue. This color was designed in partnership with the folks at Art Bento Box, an art supply (and more) subscription service. Check them out!

  • Capricorn Rising: Designed by contest winner Kia Givehands, this garnet color is made with REAL garnets and is a deep red with just a hint of shimmer. Saucy!

  • Rabbit in a Snowstorm: A white pearl shimmer that is perfect for painting igloos in a blizzard, abominable snowpeople wearing ivory cardigans, or 2% milk in a porcelain bowl. It’s white. It’s pearly. It shimmers. Go nuts!

  • Frau Hulda: Named for the Germanic protector of women’s crafts (Jawohl!), this color is a rich evergreen that harkens to winter festivities and warm nights by the fire. Hulda’s festivals were traditionally held mid-winter and she was associated with the color of evergreens and mistletoe.

  Some of the mixing possibilities made with Winter's Quiet.

Some of the mixing possibilities made with Winter's Quiet.

We’ve also got All That Glitters available for sale. The set features Starry Starry Night, Vintage Silver and Pink Nebula. We’re also including a fourth color, Mermaid’s Tail, in the set. Stay tuned because we'll be revamping our teal/green sets going forward!  

That’s about it for us this time around. Thank you so much for buying our paints and making Cloves and Honey such a success from the start. We made 85 sets of paint for our last set of orders -- that’s 340 pans of paint!! All together now: Holy crap!

One final note: Volume 3 will be released in February. Think Valentine’s Day (but NOT just red and pink)!
Thanks again and happy shopping,
The Cloves and Honey Team


Bianca Dudeck-Mandity
Free Coloring Sheet

Several folks asked me for a version of my illustration of "The Chariot" to use as a coloring sheet.  So here you go!  I'd love to see what everyone does with it.  You can download it for free here.

I hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday!

Happy Painting, 


Bianca Dudeck-Mandity
New Tins and Swatch Cards!

Starting this past update I'm using a different tin.  As much as I loved being able to upcycle old tins, the orders were too plentiful to keep up.  I'm now using a similar sized aluminum tin.  The main difference is the tin's lip inside the lid is slightly different and it doesn't hold the swatch card if it's sized to fit.  Consequently, I've made them slightly bigger and they have to be creased in to stay in place.  I've shot a little video to demonstrate.

Bianca Dudeck-Mandity
New Limited Edition Shimmers!

I'm happy to announce our new quarterly sets of limited edition colors!

Starting with the July 28th restock I will be offering my first set of limited edition colors.  I'm going to start with only 25 of these sets--if they sell and the demand is there I will up the numbers to 40 a quarter. Once they're gone, that's it!  I'll be carrying them through November, or when they run out, whichever comes first. They are a set of four, in a tin with a swatch card, a special limited edition label and the set will have a label number on the back so you'll know what number you've received.

This set I've titled "Incandescent" because all of the colors are shimmers that really show off the light.  This set also features one of my contest winners custom colors. Brei Griffin designed a gorgeous olive green with gold interference that she's titled "Buried Treasure." 

The colors in the set are:

  • Purple Rain: A deep burgundy purple with a vibrant blue shimmer.  
  • Golden Slumbers: A true yellow gold shimmer that would make Louis the XIV proud! 
  • Dr. Girlfriend: A hot pink, with a pearlized shimmer.  This is a toned done and shiny version of my submarine pink, named for my favorite villainess!  
  • Buried Treasure: This gorgeous olive green was designed by contest winner Brei Griffin and has a gold interference pop that lives up to its name.  

I selected these colors because they're contrasting colors and create a nice wide range of mixing possibilities. Take a look at some of the possible combinations:

This set also comes with magnets on the bottom standard, but you can request that they be left off if you prefer to put them in a larger tin.  


I hope you're as excited about my first volume of limited edition colors as I am!  They're wonderful on their own or mixed into any of my other traditional cloves & honey paints.  I can't wait to see what everyone creates with them! 

Happy Painting!


Bianca Dudeck-Mandity
How a new color is born...

I thought with the launch under my belt, now might be a good time to talk a bit about how I come up with a new formula.  It starts first with an idea.  I had wanted to make a pale purple shimmer that looked almost looked gray.  My first step is to look at my chemicals and take some notes, looking at their properties to theorize how they will play together.

 My initial chemical notes for Thunder Wishes.

My initial chemical notes for Thunder Wishes.

Once I've narrowed down my choices and have figured out what balance of pigments will work depending upon the chemistry I start making the mix for a test.

 Dry mixture of Thunder Wishes

Dry mixture of Thunder Wishes

Some pigments have to be mixed wet while others can be pre-mixed dry.  When I do this I put it in a little bottle and shake it up to mix it together.  When I'm testing a color, I normally have 4-5 different little bottles with different proportions of pigments in them.  

Next, I mull up the paint.  You'll notice in the video that there is some dried pink on the mulling slab, that's because I tried this pigment with the ultramarine pre-mulled.  I wound up not needing the extra step, but I like to try it both pre-mulled and single mulled. 

Once the paint has been mulled I do a half fill--meaning I put the paint into pans but only fill it half way.  I do this for a few reasons; first, if there's a curing problem it will show much faster in this small amount.  Second, the paint tends to shrink as it dries, so to get the maximum fill in any of my paints, I do two separate pours, with a few days to cure in-between. 

I label each of my pans so that I know which version is which and then fill. 

 The pans filled 1/2 way to cure--this line is comprised of 6 different versions of the same paint.

The pans filled 1/2 way to cure--this line is comprised of 6 different versions of the same paint.

Once they've dried, I test each of the different versions.  I normally test for how easily it wets, how much it shimmers (if its a shimmer paint), how well it layers and what it looks like when it dries down.  I wait another day after testing to see what the paint does when its been exposed to water from the brush. If the pan isn't showing any signs of the pigments separating after wetting then I know I've got a solid mixture.  I'll pick from my favorites of all my options and viola! I have a new paint. 

This whole process from start to finish normally takes me about 2-3 weeks. I've had some paints--like Starry, Starry, Night, take me 5 weeks to perfect.  I got lucky on Thunder Wishes and it came together relatively easily! 

 My final version of Thunder Wishes

My final version of Thunder Wishes

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about what goes into making my paints!  I've attached a video below of thunder wishes so that you can get a feel for the sparkle, since these types of paints don't like to play well with cameras. 

Bianca Dudeck-Mandity
Give Away!

Hello Everyone!

I have some good, some bad and some better news to share with you all!

The good news is that after 7 iterations my base formula is setting up with absolutely no curing problems and making a beautifully creamy watercolor paint!  

The bad news is that my pigment supplier is back ordered on many of the pigments I need to launch.  I had hoped they’d be shipped by today but I did not get so lucky!  They will be here by the end of the week so I am pushing back the launch by a week.  It seems fitting that I will be launching on the 7th day of the 7th month since I went through 7 versions of my base formula!  

The better news is that in apology for the delay I'm doubling my launch giveaway! Two winners will get to select three colors of their choosing as well as an addition fourth color which they will design and name. Just think; you could have your very own watercolor creation and have it featured in my shop! 

I will be posting the entry on my instagram account so head on over to to enter to win.  

Thanks for all your patience and your support!


Bianca Dudeck-Mandity