Limited Edition Subscription

Limited Edition Subscription

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This is a quarterly subscription for our Limited Edition sets.  Every four months you will be charged and sent the newest set.  You may cancel at any time by emailing us at The subscription price includes shipping--if you make an additional purchases this update please select FREE SHIPPING. 

Four times a year we curate a special set that utilizes some of the most labour intensive and expensive pigments--this time around we've got real garnets in one of the paints! They come in a numbered tin with a specially designed sticker with the name and volume number. 

Volume II: Winter's Quiet

  • Art Bento Box Blue: A deep indigo with indanthrene blue for a rich deep hue. This color was designed in partnership with the folks at Art Bento Box, an art supply (and more) subscription service. Check them out!

  • Capricorn Rising: Designed by contest winner Kiala Givehand, this garnet color is made with REAL garnets and is a deep red with just a hint of shimmer. Saucy!

  • Rabbit in a Snowstorm: A white pearl shimmer that is perfect for painting igloos in a blizzard, abominable snowpeople wearing ivory cardigans, or 2% milk in a porcelain bowl. It’s white. It’s pearly. It shimmers. Go nuts!

  • Frau Hulda: Named for the Germanic protector of women’s crafts (Jawohl!), this color is a rich evergreen that harkens to winter festivities and warm nights by the fire. Hulda’s festivals were traditionally held mid-winter and she was associated with the color of evergreens and mistletoe.


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